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​While volunteering is vital for hospices, it can also be extremely rewarding for the volunteers. Several volunteers have shared their personal experiences of volunteering at their local hospice.

Hospice volunteer chatting with a patient

These stories have been published on ehospice, our online news and information resource which covers all the latest developments in hospice and palliative care.

  • “I like to think of myself as the carer’s carer”
    “I like to think of myself as an informal ear for someone who needs to talk. I’m just an ordinary person who has gone through a similar situation, I may not know all the answers but I can be a reassuring presence.” – Stephanie Hancorn, 65, cared for her husband, Douglas, for four years after he was diagnosed with cancer and she now volunteers as a Community Companion at Weston Hospicecare. Stephanie tells her story…
  • Bank worker swaps finance for medicine after volunteering at Ashgate Hospice
    “It’s very rewarding work. You will not only be providing valuable practical help – such as serving meals and refreshments, and getting involved in activities – but you can also give so much through talking to patients, families and visitors.” – Volunteering at Ashgate Hospice inspired James Wilcockson, a successful project manager at HSBC, to make a dramatic career change. Find out why…
  • Inspirational students volunteer their time to care at hospices
    “I believe everyone brings something to this world, however long or short they’re here for and the children here all bring something to their families and to all of us. I'm not a miracle worker and unfortunately I can’t make children better, but one thing I can do is make them smile and laugh, so that’s what I focus on. I'm the biggest kid going and am usually the first one in the ball pit!” – Havens Hospices is looking to future generations to volunteer to help ensure its specialist care for children and patients continues. Two youngsters talk about their experiences of volunteering at the hospice…
  • Ruth’s story: a circle of giving and receiving
    Volunteering and then working for the hospice that cared for her father has proven to be a life-changing experience for 26-year-old Ruth Bendle. Read her inspiring story…
  • The businessman who discovered “real success” as a hospice volunteer
    Meet Eric Lindner: a successful businessman and a hospice volunteer. The American entrepreneur explains how a chance visit to a local hospice rapidly became a full-time occupation…
  • The story of 98-year-old Nora, a palliative care volunteer
    "Its great working at Sue Ryder as I get to meet so many different people, I actually have people come in asking to have a chat with Gran, which is lovely and keeps your mind and body busy." – Nora Deane is 98-years-old, yet she claims to have more stamina than the teenagers volunteering alongside her at the Sue Ryder shop in Gloucester. Read her story…

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