Hospice UK Subscriber criteria and terms and conditions

Who can subscribe?

Subscription is open to:

1. Individuals in the UK who:

  • Work in a hospice, palliative or end of life care environment within the NHS, voluntary or private sectors (but not employed by or volunteer for a full member organisation).
  • Have an academic interest in hospice, palliative or end of life care.
  • Plan or commission hospice, palliative or end of life care services.

Cost £100 pa + VAT

2. Organisations in the UK that:

Do not meet the criteria for full membership but commission, provide or support hospice, palliative and end of life care as outlined below noting that this is not an exhaustive list:

  • NHS Trusts, hospitals and hospices
  • Local NHS organisations such as Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Health Boards
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Cancer Networks, Care Home Chains and individual organisations, Domiciliary Care Providers, Private healthcare organisations
  • GP Practices
  • Small organisations with an interest in or providing palliative care.

Cost £1,000 pa + VAT – for this all staff will be able to register to access resources.


To cancel your recurring membership or subscription please contact finance@hospiceuk.org. Hospice UK do not offer a refunds for membership, but will cancel your annual renewal. Membership renewals are sent out annually in April. Subscriber renewal fees payments will be taken annually on the date that you first subscribed.

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