Light up a Life. Remember a loved one, support a hospice

Light up a Life is a series of special community events organised by hospices that take place around the UK during the festive period (usually in November and December).

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Light up a Life logoThese events help families and friends to come together to remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones. The events are open to anyone, not just people whose loved one was cared for by a hospice.

Usually, the most important part of these events is the opportunity to dedicate a message in memory of a loved one by:

  • lighting a candle
  • hanging a message on a tree
  • recording the name of someone special in a book of remembrance, or reading it aloud.

Contact your local hospice to find out about your nearest Light up a Life (or equivalent) event.


We are aware of a phishing scam specifically targeting hospice Light up a Life virtual services. While many of you may have already delivered your services and encountered no problems, we thought it would be helpful to highlight this to those whose event is scheduled to take place in the coming days.

The phishing seems to only target Facebook, and in particular those hospices that have set up a Facebook Event.

The scammers place a phishing link in the comments on both historic and recent Light up a Life Facebook posts. These links seem to be predominantly targeted at Facebook Event posts rather than posts within your main feed.

To our knowledge, other social media platforms or websites have been unaffected.

St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth, who were targeted this week, have provided some useful guidance and measures that may mitigate against an attack.

Temporarily remove all unnecessary staff access to Facebook to reduce the amount of personal accounts connected to your charity account. Keep access to key individuals only.

If deleting the Facebook event is not an option (as it may indicate to your supporters that the event is cancelled):

  • Ensure admin approval is ON for public event posts.
  • Check comments for all previous posts within the Facebook Event.
  • Turn commenting OFF on EVERY event post. This has to be done to each historic and future scheduled post individually. The phishing scammers will post a link in historic posts within the event.
  • An extra measure would be to delete all historic posts relating to Light up a Life in your main Facebook feed. (Please note, this will affect your analytics and post-event digital reports.)

If using Facebook Live to broadcast your service:

  • Use the comment moderator function so that only FOLLOWERS can comment, and that only those following for over 15 minutes can comment.
  • Monitor this post for a few hours following the event once it goes into your main Facebook feed.

Additional measures:

  • Switch off commenting if adding the broadcast to your YouTube channel.
  • Have an extra pair of eyes to monitor all your social media platforms for phishing links in the hours leading up to the event and during.
  • Inform your website provider so that they are alert to any unusual activity on your website in the hours leading up to, and during, the event.

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