Gaming marathon tips

Gaming marathon

Planning your fundraising stream:

  1. Set the date - Give yourself enough time to promote your event and allow appropriate set up time.
  2. Decide what type of stream you want to do - Will it be online or offline? Are you doing a gaming marathon, a tournament or a speed run? Will you invite friends or do the challenge solo?
  3. Set a fundraising target - This is both a great way of motivating yourself and encouraging your supporters.
  4. Use lots of photos and videos - This is the best way to personalise your page and encourage more views and donations.
  5. Share on social media - Use our tags #HospiceUK and #HospiceGamingHero and ask other streamers you watch/sub to if you can tag them/advertise in their Discord.

Gaming ideas

  • Speed runs: completing a level or a video game as fast as possible.
  • Completion lists: obtain all achievements in your chosen video game.
  • Marathons: non-stop video gaming for 6, 12, 18 or 24 hours (include breaks for the bathroom, food and to sleep!)
  • Tournaments: set up a system of points and invite your friends, family or colleagues.
  • Unique challenges: a challenge bespoke to the game you’re playing. This can be non-death play through of survival games, completing campaigns with basic equipment, or design and build challenges in sandbox role-playing games.

Safety whilst gaming 

Regardless of how you choose to fundraise, but especially if you’re considering a marathon challenge, please make sure you take the time to think about your health. Give yourself breaks from the screen, walk around and stay hydrated. If you’re not feeling well, stop your challenge straight away.

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