Coronavirus - Clinical Resources

Welcome to the clinical resources of the Hospice UK COVID-19 ECHO Network. The Network meets each Wednesday to share information, support and experience across the UK hospice and palliative care community as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic together.

Here you will find

  • The Slide Deck and links presented each week, available each Wednesday from 5pm
  • Resources which have been requested or highlighted during each meeting, available from 3pm each Friday;
  • 'The Conversation' - a record of the key themes, questions, and solutions raised and shared that week by the community. This will be updated each Friday at 3pm;
  • General COVID-19 Resources, which are grouped under key headings with the most recently added at the top of each section.

As the situation is changing so rapidly resources are rapidly changing and being produced. If you have sugestions please send them to, we are all learners and teachers in the current situation.

Some of the material on these pages is likely to be sensitive and for that reason we have restricted access to only those who have registered for the COVID ECHO network. While individual resources can be shared at your discretion please do not share the link to these pages so that we can preserve this site as a safe place for our community during difficult days.

This page will be regularly updated over the next few weeks during the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK.

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