Gold Standards Framework

Hospice UK joined forces with the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) in July 2020. Find out about its vital work, the difference it makes to supporting gold standard end of life care, and how you can sign up for its training courses and accreditation.

What is the Gold Standards Framework?

GSF is an end of life care quality improvement programme, offering nationally recognised quality improvement training programmes and resources for generalist health and social care staff who are looking after people in the last years of their lives.

It equips staff to proactively identify people who may be approaching the last phase of life, engage in meaningful conversations of "what matters to them", supporting personalised care planning.

The programme aims to improve collaborative team working with other professionals involved in their care, to improve communication and support for their carers and those important to an person within a compassionate system.

Many thousands of health and social care professionals have received the GSF quality improvement training, enhancing end of life care over the last 21 years.

GSF continues to influence national policy developments and helps to put policy into practice, grassroots change and improving end of life care for all.

If you want to know more about the Gold Standards Framework, you can get in touch with the GSF team.

"GSF increased our confidence and enabled us to assess, monitor and meet the needs of dying people”.

Care home worker, August 2020.

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