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Week 22 - 21st September 2022

Topic: Other Examples of How Data has Informed Service Development

Week 21 - 6th July 2022

Topic: Using Outcome Measures to Influence Commissioning

Week 20 - 25th May 2022

Topic: Answering the Family Anxiety Question and Carer Support
  • Master slide set including the presentations of Dr. Gail Ewing (Senior Research Associate, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge) and Dr. Sarah Wells (Medical Director, Marie Curie Hospice, West Midlands)
  • Session recording Please note that a technical glitch led to some of the slides being covered by video during this recording.

Week 19 - 27th April 2022

Topic: Benchmarking and Using OACC Measures to Inform Service Design
  • Master slide set including the presentation of Kerry Harrison (Heart of Kent Hospice). Please note that Prof. Fliss Murtagh's presentation is not included here, but is available to view in the session recording.
  • Session recording

Week 18 - 23rd March 2022

Topic: The Role of Disease Specific IPOS

Week 17 - 23rd February 2022

Topic: Using Outcome Measures for Benchmarking
  • There is no master slide set for this session as the slides contain data not yet published
  • Session recording - Please note this recording is audio only as the slides contain data not yet published

Week 16 - 19th January 2022

Topic: Triage, Complexity & Case Load Management – How can the OACC Outcome Measures help?, Spirituality & Curriculum Setting
  • Master slide set including presentations by Helen Brewerton, Royal Trinity Hospice and Dr. Sarah Wells, Dr. Anna Perry and Nick Partridge from Marie Curie Hospice, West Midlands
  • Session recording

Week 15 - 28 October 2021

Topic: Triage, Complexity & Case Load Management: How can the OACC suite of Outcome Measures help?

Week 14 - 22 September 2021

Topic: Audits: Unusual Findings

Week 13- 24 June 2021

Topic: Psychological symptoms closer to death

Week 12- 22 April 2021

Topic: Rehabilitation & Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS-Light)
  • Master slide set including presentations by Dr Matthew Maddocks, Senior Lecturer and Specialist Physiotherapist, Cicely Saunders Institute, Helena Talbot-Rice, Rehabilitation and Wellbeing Consultant Lead, St Christopher's Hospice & Ruth Kay, ACS Oncology and Palliative Care, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • ECHO Session Recording

Week 11- 24 March 2021

Topic: How to use the data: Hospitals, Day Services & Hospice at home services

Week 10- 25 February 2021

Topic: How to use the data: Hospitals and Day Services

Week 9- 26 November 2020

Topic: Data Extraction: EMIS & Systm One

Week 8- 28 October 2020

Topic: How to use the data - patients, team, organisational perspective
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Week 7- 27 February 2020

Topic: Curriculum Setting Session and 'IPOS: Which version, when and why'

Week 6- 29 January 2020

Topic: Training and selling outcome measures to staff

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