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A key element of our work is supporting excellence in hospice care, ensuring hospices are fully equipped to provide quality care for patients and their families.

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We do this through our wealth of services and resources, which are delivered with support from the Executive Clinical Leads in Hospice and Palliative Care Network and National Quality Advisory Group.

These resources, which cover a wide range of aspects relating to quality in hospice care, include:

Defining quality in hospice care

Since 2012, we have been considering the question of how to define quality in hospice care, and conducted a review of the literature in addition to consulting hospice staff and users

Defining quality in hospice care describes the findings from this which includes developing a proposed set of domains of quality. We welcome feedback from hospices on the use of these domains in practice.

Proposed domains of quality with supporting statements

  1. The quality of care experienced by patients, family members, carers and members of the general public. 
    1. The plan for care is personal. It focuses on the ‘whole person’, person-centred and values-based in nature.
    2. Care is compassionate, coordinated and consistent.
    3. Users are informed and involved in decision making.
    4. Wishes and preferences on the part of those seeking help or support are respected.
    5. Open and honest communication is at the heart of care.
    6. Support is available for family and carers pre and post bereavement.
  2. The safety of the person receiving care.
  3. The effectiveness of care.
    1. Care is evidence-based where available or at least reflects best practice.
    2. Care is outcome focused, attending to physical, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural or other specific needs.
    3. Care is delivered by confident and competent staff and volunteers.
  4. Access and availability of care.
    1. Access to care is equitable - based on need, reflecting choice where possible, and 24/7.
    2. Services are appropriately resourced.
    3. Service delivery is integrated and collaborative.
    4. Support is available for staff and volunteers.
  5. Environment.
    1. Care is delivered where possible in familiar surroundings, within a calm/peaceful context.

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Email our Clinical Support Team if you would like to feed back on these domains, or if you would like to find out more about our quality assurance work.

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