Research and outcomes

Hospice UK supports hospices to be research and outcomes active. A focus on research and outcomes enables good quality care to be provided, described, evaluated and shared.

Research and outcomes are crucial for hospices

Why be research active?

In 2013, the Commission into the Future of Hospice Care published "Research in palliative care: can hospices afford not to be involved?" It identified how important it was for hospices to be research active.

Being research active means that hospices use the right evidence, in the right way, at the right time to plan, deliver and evaluate care. It is also concerned with the generation and development of new knowledge, evidence and research questions to make a difference to people’s lives.

What is a research active hospice?

Following on from the Commission report and consultation in 2016-17, research active hospices includes:

  • Being research ready: ready to use and/or generate research evidence
  • Research aware: visible use of best possible evidence (all hospices)
  • Research engaged: supporting the development of evidence (many hospices)
  • Research generating: contributing to the development of or generating evidence (some hospices)
  • Research leading: leading the generation of evidence and research questions (a few hospices)
  • Research active hospices also connect locally, regional, nationally or internationally with research and academic organisations such as Research Networks, Universities, academic centres and other health and social care providers.

Why be outcomes active?

An outcome measure captures ‘change in health status’ as a consequence of health care or interventions. Outcome measures enable us to deliver and sustain good quality care.

For more information about outcome measures please visit The Outcome Assessment and Complexity Collaborative (OACC).

Our Community of Practice

Hospice UK established a Research and Outcomes Community of Practice in November of 2017. This group consists of over 200 members for all sectors and covers multiple aspects of research and outcome measures. Joining our Community of Practice gives members access to our monthly newsletters, special events and a Hospice IQ forum to support ‘Research Active Hospices’ and ‘Outcome Measures’ including the OACC suite of Outcome measures.

The purpose of the forum and Community of Practice is to be able to discuss, share and debate all the issues relating to research and outcomes.

You can read more about what a Community of Practice is here.

Join our Community of Practice

You can register to join the community and receive our monthly newsletters here.

Join our ECHO Network

Brand New ‘Outcome Measures in Practice ECHO Knowledge Network’

Membership for our new ECHO network launched on 3 April 2019 however all are still welcome; you may be using outcome measures in practice and want to develop their use further, or just be considering how to start out. The first year of this network will provide a platform for you to network, share learning and support each other with outcome measures across ten virtual meetings via Zoom.

Please follow this link to register for this network Once registered you will receive all the information you need to know regarding the network including the agreed dates, times and topics for the next ten sessions.

Join our Community of Practice Events

More information forthcoming. Watch this space for updates.

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