National Transition Community of Practice

This Community of Practice is for Professionals supporting Young People with complex, life–limiting conditions and their families. 
Join our networks

Join our networks

Hospice UK seeks to bring together organisations to share their work, build skills, knowledge and develop confidence via the National Transition Community of Practice. This will help us to transform care for young people with complex and life-limiting conditions, extend reach and further influence partnerships across all care providers and key stakeholders.  

Hospice UK recognises that current guidance to improve services for Young People has led to many good practice examples. Integration and collaboration has enabled positive change in service delivery and improved experiences for Young People and their families.

Community of Practice Characteristics

  • Voluntary sign up
  • Organic process 
  • Non-hierarchical 
  • Collaborative 
  • Engaging 
  • Inclusive 
  • Meet on a regular basis
  • Finds ways to engage at local and national level

Get involved

The National Transition Community of Practice has a lot to offer and we would like to hear from you: learn together, interact regularly both virtually and face to face. Meetings are planned annually. Join us in a supportive learning community: feel informed and motivated. 

To share your thoughts, be involved and receive our quarterly newsletter: please register here. Thank you.

Hospice UK support three Hub sites to develop their own ECHO Transition Networks (an ECHO™ network is a knowledge sharing group, using convened, free of charge video conferencing) bringing you together wherever you are. The Transition ECHO hubs currently focus on key areas of urgent need. The three Hub organisations are Keech Hospice, Solent NHS and Yorkshire and Humber Children’s Palliative Care Network (YHCPCN). Please email for further Project ECHO information, or for Hub details. 

Joint working for our Community of Practice

The two national organisations for hospice and palliative care, Together for Short Lives and Hospice UK have chosen to streamline communications to ensure news and updates about the transition of young people with life limiting conditions is as accessible as possible.

We will update you on the world of Transition. The newsletter features: events, articles and resources for you, calls for research as well as participation. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter, please email us.

Together for Short Lives and Hospice Chair and Facilitate National Transition Coordinator Meetings every two months currently. The statement of purpose is for professionals working in a hospice or palliative care setting caring for young people with complex and life limiting conditions who are transitioning from Children’s services to Adulthood. Our overarching purpose is to improve the transition experience of young people and their families and improve outcomes.

Please email for further information. 

Key contacts

Newsletter items, general Transition Project and subscription queries:

Stuart Duncan - Clinical Administrator (Supports the CoP)

Project ECHO :

Project ECHO queries:

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