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We are delighted that you would like to commission a performance of one of our educational plays. Please read the following information and complete the form below to confirm your booking.

About the plays

Homeward Bound is a dramatic piece performed by two actors and is a play about relationships, love, empathy and compassion at the end of life. It is based on letters written by Lesley Goodburn to the doctors, nurses and physiotherapists who cared for her husband Seth before his untimely death from pancreatic cancer.

Bounce Back Boy tells the story of Josh Cawley, who was 23 when he finally died from the catastrophic injuries his birth parents inflicted on him. These resulted in his inability to speak or to move from his wheelchair. It didn't dampen his positive and cheeky spirit.

Pricing Structure

Homeward Bound

Option A - Performance of Homeward Bound: £1,100 + VAT*
Option B - Performance of Homeward Bound and a post-play facilitated discussion with Lesley Goodburn or a member of Hospice UK staff: £1,200 + VAT*

Bounce Back Boy

Option A - Performance of Bounce Back Boy: £700 + VAT*
Option B - Performance of Bounce Back Boy and a post-play facilitated discussion with Lynn Cawley or a member of Hospice UK staff: £800 + VAT*

* - Additional expenses - actor(s), facilitators and additional attendees travel and subsistence will be charged at cost price and all receipts will be included.

Prices for the performances are negotiable if needed.

Cancellation policy

  • 9+ weeks prior to performance: 0% payment due
  • 4-8 weeks prior to performance: 50% payment due
  • 4 weeks or less prior to performance: 100% of payment due
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