Bounce Back Boy

Josh Cawley was 22 when he finally died from the catastrophic injuries his birth parents inflicted on him. These resulted in his inability to speak or to move from his wheelchair. It didn't dampen his positive and cheeky spirit.
Josh Cawley
He was adopted by Lynn Cawley - a campaigning Methodist Minister whose devotion to Josh ensured that he lived his short life as positively and 'normally' as possible.

Lynn couldn't just be his loving mum though - she was expected to be his palliative care consultant, his nurse, his campaigner for compensation and she had to fight the ongoing battles with the system.

The play explores their real story - having to accept that Josh's needs were too 'complex' for the hospice - dealing with Josh's transition from boy, to teenager to adult and all the time being his interpreter.

The play is performed by professional actor Joey Taylor who gives the voice to Josh - the voice that Josh never had.

Feedback has been extremely positive:
"Your words for Josh will stay with me for a long time" - Fi Glover (BBC Radio 4 presenter and creator of 'The Listening Project')

"Outstanding and thoroughly thought provoking" - His Honour Judge John Altman

"I was moved to tears by this story" - Jeremy Flax (Lawyer)

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