Rank Foundation Grant Programme 2021

Closing date: Sep 10, 2021

The COVID Pandemic created unprecedented challenges for the Hospice sector across the UK.   Over the past year or so COVID has forced many Day Hospice Services to close. 

In 2021 the Rank Foundation grant programme theme is Re-imagining Day Hospice Services.  The grants programme will fund projects within hospices aimed at re-opening day care using new approaches to both virtual and safe face-to-face services.

This would help to address any urgent needs a hospice might face in delivering its services in a radically changing landscape.

Eligible organisations

Only adult hospices that are members of Hospice UK located in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are eligible to apply.

Available Funding

Grants of up to £20,000 are available to support projects running over a period of 12 months.

Total available funding in this grant round is £100,000. We expect to award between five and seven grants in this round.

Financial situation

If we receive more applications than we can fund and the project has been assessed and is strong enough to be in contention for a grant, then hospices’ free reserve levels may be taken into account. 

For the purpose of this grant programme:

  • free reserves are defined as all reserves with the exception of endowed or restricted funds and any reserves represented by tangible fixed assets
  • running costs are defined as total expenditure as per the most recent audited accounts.
  • where the hospice operates one or more trading subsidiaries, the figures are to be based on the consolidated levels of reserves and expenditure for the group.

Eligible projects

The Rank Foundation likes to support projects where they are the major or sole funder. They are not looking to contribute generally to work that forms part of a much larger project.

Types of project could include:

Making better use of technology - building on recent experiences gained during Covid-19, technological innovations offer the opportunity to make transformative shifts in patient-centred care models. However, there is not a one size fits all approach to implementation. Hospices will need consider a range of opportunities in combination to flexibly meet their specific circumstances, e.g. 

  • Capital costs for redeveloping a Day Room to include use of technology
  • Equipment, marketing/publicity material and resources
  • Staff training
  • Equipment for patients
  • Telephone support

Please note the above examples are for guidance only and we encourage applicants to be innovative in their approach.  

What is not eligible?

Examples of projects that are not eligible could include

  • activities such as undertaking a needs analysis or mapping exercise
  • a continuation of an existing service – unless this application is to enhance the service
  • work that has already started before September 2021 – although if you ran a clearly identified pilot phase before this date, you are not precluded from making an application to develop it further
  • isolated pieces of equipment not related to the proposed work
  • direct salary costs for tasks not related to the project – the aim is to release the applicant from some of their duties to undertake the proposed work.

How to apply

For more details on this programme, please read:

The deadline for applications and submitting any supporting information is: Friday, 10 September 2021.


Since 2002 the Rank Foundation has provided £100,000 each year to support special capital projects in adult independent voluntary hospices. Due to limited availability of funding for this programme, the Rank Foundation will not consider any direct applications from hospices or hospice-led projects based in the UK. 

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