Professional Networks and Associations

Hospice UK recognises the value of professionals working in similar roles to be able to engage with each other and extend peer support and sharing of expertise. To date such support is offered through a Network or a Professional Association.


To find out more information about ECLiHP or to become a member, please contact us.

Communities of Practice

In June 2016 we decided to change the titles of the Dementia and IPC groups from ‘Interest Groups’ to ‘Community of Practice‘ (CoP). In principle there is no change to the essence of the group's purpose but the concept of a ‘Community of Practice' as defined by Wenger (1998) better reflects the members' intentions and aspirations of why we meet and how we can support one another. More information about 'what a community of practice is' is available to download.

If you would like to find out more about these please contact us.

Professional Associations

Hospice UK enjoys good working relationships with many of the professional associations listed below. They are managed as independent entities. To find out more about an individual association, and to contact them, please select their name from the list below:


The content and views expressed by the Professional Associations do not represent the views of Hospice UK.

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