Forum of Hospice Chairs

The Forum of Hospice Chairs is a national network that promotes the role of hospice chairs and trustees, and provides a pathway for them to make their views known to Hospice UK.

The role of the Forum will be to:

  • Share, and facilitate the sharing of experience and information useful to the chairs of local hospice care providers or those organisations set up specifically to support them.
  • Act as the forum through which such chairs contribute expertise and communicate issues around the governance of hospice care to the national level and inform and advise the work of Hospice UK.
  • Act as the network that communicates the work of Hospice UK to the boards of member organisations.

Chairs and trustees of members of Hospice UK are automatically members of the Forum. 

Executive Committee

The chairs of members of Hospice UK in each English region elect a representative to sit on an executive committee.

Kate Tompkins, Chair, Dorothy House Hospice Care, is the current chair of the Forum of Hospice Chairs.

Regional representatives

Region Representative
Kate Tompkins, Chair, Dorothy House Hospice
North West David Brown, Chairman, Pendleside Hospice
South East
Terry O'Leary, Chairman, St Catherine's Hospice (Crawley)
South West Vacant
Yorkshire & Humberside
David Dickson, Chairman, St Leonard's Hospice
East of England
Rod Leggetter, Chairman, Isabel Hospice
East Midlands
Robin Graham-Brown, Chairman, LOROS
North East
Harry Byrne, Chairman, St Teresa's Hospice 
South Central
Andrew Chancellor, Chairman, St Michael's Hospice (Hampshire)
West Midlands
 London Fiona Ross, Chair, Princess Alice Hospice

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