Recruitment video

Our hospice recruitment video is an invaluable free resource to help with recruiting staff.

It highlights the many benefits of working in hospice care by sharing the views of a range of hospice professionals, who explain what makes working in hospice care so special to them.

Use the video in your recruitment campaigns by embedding it from YouTube on your website and adding the link to your social media and other electronic marketing channels. Or request the original video file for offline use, like in PowerPoint presentations.

How to embed the YouTube video

To embed the video from YouTube you need to access it on our YouTube channel. Click on the ‘Share’ tab beneath the video and then click on the ‘Embed’ tab. Copy the ‘Embed’ code that appears and paste it into the html of your webpage. You can access different sizes of the video by clicking on ‘Show more’ underneath the embed code.

Request the video file

If you require the original MP4 video file, simply email our web and digital editor, Jamie Hill, who will be happy to send it to you via WeTransfer. We can supply versions with and without subtitles, so please specify which one you require.

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