Clinical resources

A selection of resources to support clinical practice.

Our quality assurance pages have a further range of resources including the audit tools and Dementia report.

Care after death

Care after death covers many different aspects of care including ensuring timely verification of death, as well as other related issues such as respecting people’s cultural and religious wishes after death, preparing the deceased for viewing and facilitating people’s wishes for organ donation.

We have developed essential guidance for staff involved in care after death, especially nurses working in the community and care homes. This guidance will help to make sure all staff are clear about their responsibilities, to make the process of verifying deaths as smooth as possible and minimise the possibility of any delays or any other unnecessary obstacles for grieving families. 

These resources include an extensive care after death guide, as well as guidance on registered nurse verification of expected death, and a competency assessment tool.

Food and Nutrition consensus statement

In 2009 the Food and Nutrition Group created a consensus statement that summarises the Food and Nutrition Group’s key objectives and priorities for their work in raising awareness around nutritional issues faced in palliative care.

The Consensus Statement has been endorsed by the British Dietetic Association European Association of Palliative Care, National Association of Care Catering, Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of Physicians in London, and The National Council for Palliative Care.

Falls toolkit

Our falls toolkit is designed as a template to be adapted and used to support your hospice practice. In addition to the PDF version of the complete toolkit you are invited to access editable versions of the ‘Falls prevention and management care plan’ and ‘Clinical incident report for falls and other incidents’ templates.

Other toolkits have been developed, which you may find helpful but are not hospice specific:

Our publications catalogue contains a wider range of resources.

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