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Help for line managers

This resource aims to help you to support colleagues through some of the most difficult challenges of their lives and to support their line managers.

By doing so you will be helping both them and your organisation. Line managers may find that providing this support is challenging – both as a line manager and as a person.

There will be organisational demands to manage and there will be their own emotional response to their colleague’s situation. This can be intense for them especially if they know their colleague well or if it brings back memories of their own experiences. Line managers might therefore also need support.

Their own line manager will be able to provide support, for example, confirming that the practical steps they have taken to help their colleague are the right thing to do. They may have experience and ideas of their own to contribute. The training you offer will provide a firm basis to help them to cope.

The confidential helplines and online forums can help line managers as well as people directly affected by terminal illness.

If your organisation offers chaplaincy or counselling, that will be open to them if they need it, as will any confidential helpline or counselling available through your organisation’s EAP.


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